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TIG, or Tungsten Inert Gas, welding is the process of generating heat from an electric arc between what's being welded and a non consumable tungsten electrode. AC DC TIG Welder refers to a welder that utilizes either DC, direct current, or AC, alternative current, for the power source. The two different types of power source are used depending on what exactly is being welded. AC DC or a combination of the two can be used on the different types of metal.

AC, or alternative current, is the choice of power current when TIG welding aluminum. Through using AC in a AC DC TIG Welder, the the arc being used automatically removes surface oxidization each time the electrode becomes positive. Connected to the TIG welder is an air or water cooled torch, which holds the tungsten electrode through the welding process. This, mixed with the external shielding gas, or AC, protect the metal and the electrode from contamination. The process may seem complex, but once understood, TIG welding with aluminum can be easy, and clean producing a high quality weld like no other.

DC, or direct current, is the choice of power current when TIG welding stainless steel, or mild and low alloy steel. Through using the DC in a AC DC TIG Welder, the welder can appreciate a weld that does not produce spatter and flux smoke, which any welder can look forward to in such a hot situation. This also aids in a clean weld, since the loss of spatter and smoke can give the welder a clean view. Tig welding allows for all position welding as well, producing the most difficult weld on even the thinnest metal. It produces a heat that contains between the metal and the point of weld, so there is less stress and cracking on the weld site.

Having an AC DC TIG Welder on hand for any welding job is the only smart choice of welders. It allows for the flexibility of either AC or DC or a combination of both depending on the metal and job being welded. It produces a clean weld, that can wish stand any pressure with out failure due to stress and cracking. With so many pros to utilizing this method, its no wonder its a favorite among all welders.


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